= free, free of charge, giveaway [give-away], gratuitous, toll-free, complimentary, freebie, out of the goodness of + Posesivo + heart, freely available, costless, free for the taking, free of cost, no cost(s), on a complimentary basis.
Ex. Late in 1986, the Medical Library took advantage of Cambridge Scientific Abstracts' free trial offer of its compact Medline on CD-ROM.
Ex. Law centres employ qualified lawyers and they receive a waiver from the Law Society that allows them to provide their services free of charge.
Ex. HUD publications range from give-away pamphlets to multi-volume research tomes = Las publicaciones HUD van desde los folletos gratuitos a tomos de investigaciones en varios volúmenes.
Ex. It is the institutions' general practice to grant gratuitous permissions for photocopying except where substantial quantities of matter are involved.
Ex. For access and price information concerning the electronic version of Everyman's, contact Dialog Information Services, Inc. 3460 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304 or telephone toll-free 1-800-227-1927 (outside California).
Ex. This is a classified, annotated guide to magazines which fall into the general category of house magazines available to libraries on a complimentary basis.
Ex. The article 'Professional reference service with 'freebie' librarians' discusses the free online reference service offered by the Internet Public Library.
Ex. The article is titled 'Out of the fire and into the frying pan'.
Ex. Thus, resources should be freely available, or at the very last charge only nominal fees for their use.
Ex. Another property of DSMA protocols is a provision for a graceful dynamic reconfiguration and costless protocol recovery after a lost token.
Ex. The short answer of course is 'yes,' simply because we now live in a world where these resources are expected to be there, and many expect them to be there free for the taking.
Ex. An annexure reviews electronic journals available free of cost.
Ex. Respondents who preferred CD-ROM searching did so because they liked doing their own searches and the fact that there were no costs involved.
Ex. Mountain bikes are available on a complimentary basis for guests who wish to explore the scenic north coast of the island.
* adquisición gratuita = free acquisition.
* de forma gratuita = on a complimentary basis.
* de modo gratuito = on a complimentary basis.
* ejemplar gratuito = gift copy.
* entrada gratuita = free ticket.
* llamada gratuita = toll-free.
* nada en la vida es gratuito = you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.
* número de teléfono de llamada gratuita = toll free telephone number, toll-free number.
* publicación gratuita = free publication.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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